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Nail Polish Blog Sale

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By beautopia · October 23, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

For items requests, please email beautopiablogsale@gmail.com AFTER reading the guidelines. 

UPDATE 10:50 AM Oct 24: all items that have been paid for have been marked out on the site, if you have paid and for some reason your items are unmarked, please let me know. Also I have about 40 new emails sitting in my inbox, and though I can see you're requesting some polishes I do still have, if there's a polish in your list that has been requested but hasn't been paid for, I don't want to tell you it's gone if it's not, or vice versa. I'm just trying to make sure it's first come, first served and to do that, I need to slow down on replies till some people get off work and start to pay invoices and send me their paypal addresses. I'm going IN ORDER according to the gmail timestamps, but I promise I'll get to you. Also, probably only 20% of the items have been purchased, I'm just getting SLAMMED right now, sorry!! Thanks for your patience!! 

UPDATE: Monday Oct 29. The first 25 or  so packages have been sent.  As I said, I ship on Tues, Thurs and Sat.The bulk went out last Thursday and I've heard from many saying they arrived on Saturday. I also sent out a batch on Saturday and those should be arriving soon to those in the US. For those in the US i have delivery confirmation numbers for them all and if you have not seen your package by midweek or friday, please let me know and I'll send you your DC. I still have a couple packages to pack up and will send those tomorrow (tuesday). If you have an email waiting for me and I haven't responded, please just send me a reminder, and I will look through my spam folder for it or see what's up. If you requested a bunch of stuff and didn't respond to me for a couple days, chances are some of that stuff is gone to others. If you are still interested in finding out what is available, email me. I have just edited what polishes are gone to the best of my ability and I will respond to any new emails today. Thanks to everyone who visited the sale, I hope you were able to get something you wanted for a good price!!

I am overwhelmed with polish at this point, and since I don't really use very much non-gel polish at work, and I'm wearing a lot more Shellac myself, I'm paring down considerably. I have purchased about 98% of this polish myself, and I hope considering that all of my prices are retail or well below and I'm far from making a profit on this sale, this won't be an issue. There may be a random couple polishes with non-retail labels. If this concerns you, please just let me know. 

As I said, the prices will mostly be at retail or below. The only polishes I have listed at retail are extremely hard to find ones. I'm not going to tell you which ones they are, just look through and see if you can spot them. A handful of polishes have been used for more than one or two manicures or for a swatch and by the pictures they should be easy to see, but for those that have visible usage that didn't come through in pics, I have made notations next to their prices. 


  • There is a $12 pre-shipping order minumum
  • US & Canada buyers (S&H includes Delivery Confirmation if in the US):
  1. 1-4 items -$3.50 
  2. 5-7 items - $4.50
  3. 8-12 items - $5.50
  4. 12+items - $6.50
  • International buyers - Please email me at beautopiablogsale@gmail.com with your location and your list and I will send you a shipping quote. 
  • I will ship on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
  • I won't be holding items, this never turns out well for me or anyone else. I wait and have to email people to see if they still want it and then I get confused as to who asked for it first. I'm sorry but I can't hold anything. 
  • I accept PayPal only.
  • When you send your email (to beautopiablogsale@gmail.com) with your list, please let me know your location so that i know whether or not I need to calculate shipping. Thanks!!!


Thanks for reading and I hope you find something you're looking for!

Click for the sale!

OPI Skyfall - Tomorrow Never Dies

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By beautopia · October 22, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I had been so excited for this new collection, OPI's Skyfall, because not only does OPI historically does amazing holiday collectios, and I'm a huge 007 fan, and since Adele (who I'm also a huge fan of, duh) sings the theme song, I figured I'd be loading up the truck on the whole collection, but so far I've only caved on the above polish; Tomorrow Never Dies. I am in love with this shade. It's somewhat similar to A-England Avalon in that it's a very vibrant purple and it has the same "lit-from-within" look. TND is slightly more blue than red, but it's pretty similar. They're both very vibrant and glowy. The other awesome thing worth noting is that TND is extremely pigmented and smooth to apply. 

Click for another photo

Tagged with: Skyfall, OPI, purple, nails, nail polish

CND Shellac Limited Edition Holiday - Tinsel Toast

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By beautopia · October 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Recently, in addition to the six new Shellac Fall shades that are being released, CND has also released a duo of limited edition Holiday glitter Shellac shades; Ruby Ritz and Tinsel Toast. Above you see two cured coats of Tinsel Toast, and then again Tinsel Toast covered with a design in Black Pool. The two shades are both gorgeous and contain extremely fine glitter that couldn't be recreated even with the finest of craft glitters, so I feel like it's worth having. Plus it's a lot easier to deal with that applying loose glitter because there are less steps. You also don't have to worry that you missed coating an area with topcoat and risk removing it along with the tacky layer. I also think it looks awesome with other shades of Shellac. 

Click for larger photos...

Zoya Ornate Collection

Email |
By beautopia · October 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The Zoya entry into the Winter 2012 arena is basically amazing. I'm pretty much limiting myself to purchasing only polishes that cannot be passed up, since I've been using Shellac so much and all my clients are pretty much doing Shellac at this point. I need to purge at least 50% of my enormous stash as it is, so I really don't need non-essential polishes at this point. Ornate, or at least most of it, qualifies as essential for me. I offer several season-specific shades of China Glaze, OPI and Zoya at the salon, and by far the most used is Zoya which honestly surprised me. I love Zoya and everything, but I assumed people would go for the more recognizable brands, and since Zoya is for the most part only available online and in some salons it's pretty crazy. 

Anyway, I passed up all but one of the new OPI Skyfall polishes, and considering I'm a huge 007 fan, OPI Holiday collection fan, and Adele fan (I may go back and get Skyfall since she sings the theme song), that's a huge deal. I also don't feel as psyched about the promos I've seen for China Glaze's holiday offering, so Zoya was the only must-buy holiday collection for me. Weird. 

On to the swatches and reviews!!!

Granite Nail Art with CND Shellac

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By beautopia · October 13, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

At the salon, I've been playing around with some Shellac designs that will appeal to clients. Some people would like to try something a little more jazzy than plain Shellac, but are hesitant to jump right into crazy nail art, so I wanted to find some Autumn looks that would appeal to a wider range of people. So I started messing around with various mineral eye shadows and MAC Pigments I had lying around and came up with a few stone, granite, and marble looks that are really cool looking and also with the glossy finish of Shellac, look like actual stones. The photo above is supposed to resemble granite, and I used CND Shellac in Black Pool as the base, then created the design with silver, olive and burgundy pigments and some alcohol. The final result was pretty neat, and my client was super happy with it. I'm kind of considering doing this on my own nails this week!

Click to see more photos...

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