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Julep Sienna

By beautopia · August 3, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Julep Sienna - www.julep.com

Julep Sienna has been out for a while, but since the August Maven box's theme is Metallics & Chromes, Sienna was offered in one of the boxes alongside some of the new polishes released this month. It wasn't in the box I chose this month, but I added it on for $4.99 and it shipped seperately. I have all sorts of gold metallics, foils, chromes... You name it, but the photos I've seen of this intrigued me. It seemed almost like a silver/gold hybrid. It's a foil finish, but it's a very fine foil, so it's got great reflective qualities and is a real eye-catcher, so I'm happy I got it. Especially considering I didn't have to pay the $14 I'd have paid at Sephora. Honestly, I probably just wouldn't have bought it at all if I couldn't have gotten it at the price I did. However, for the price it's a great polish. It's got a nice texture and I had perfect coverage at two coats. 

My August Maven box, as I said, shipped seperately, but I will post about it when it arrives. I ordered the American Beauty this time which had a rose gold chrome and a gunmetal chrome with gold shimmer, so we'll see how that goes. 

If you're interested in reading more about the Julep Maven program, you can do that here

If you'd like to join the Maven program and get your intro box for one penny (free shipping included!) Click here and don't forget to use code COLOR2012! (this is a referral link. Referrals help you to earn free months of the Maven service. If you click, thank you! And be sure to share your own referral link with your friends and you'll earn credits too)

Click for more photos...

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RGB Doll - My Latest Nude Nail Crush

By beautopia · August 2, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

RGB Doll - $16 at RGBcosmetics.com - 

I've been casually yearning for some RGB polishes for a long time, and so I was very pleased when the first PopSugar Must Have Bag showed up with the top two RGB polishes on my wishlist inside. It was beyond serendipitous! Then again, they're probably the two most popular RGB among everyone, so it's not such a shock. Regardless, I was stoked. 

Just really quick, if you don't know what the PopSugar Must Have Bag is, it started this July and is the newest entry into the subscription service world. The only other service I belong to is Julep, but since my blog has been happily residing on the OnSugar network since the beginning and I'm a fan of BellaSugar and several other "Sugar" sites, I felt I NEEDED to at least try out their service. It's $35 with free shipping (less if you buy more than a month at a time) and this month there was a pretty high quality custom PopSugar beach bag, $32 worth of nail polish, $48 worth of really nice lip products from Ilia, plus some really delicious KIND bars, and Body Drench scrub and lotion. I'll do a review of the bag in the next couple days, but it was pretty awesome and I'm going to keep getting the boxes in the future. 

Click to read more about Doll and see more photos...

L'Oreal London Fall 2012 Colour Riche Nail in Brit Invasion

By beautopia · August 1, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

L'Oreal Brit Invasion -limited edition - $6 at most drugstores - 

Last week I showed you pics of another polish from the L'Oreal "London Fall" collection, Tea and Crumpets. This polish, Brit Invasion, is the other that I picked up at that time. I picked up T&C because I'm always searching for The Perfect Nude Polish, and I keep thinking I've found nirvana, but something better always comes along. Or I hope it will... I picked up Brit Invasion simply because it looked sort of unique. Well, that and the name, but I think I've covered that before. 

Brit Invasion is a smoky plum, a la Chanel Paradoxal, China Glaze Jungle Queen and Essie Smokin' Hot, but it's got a little something extra. Namely a generous glaze of bronzey shimmer. The coverage is excellent, you'll only need two moderate coats and wear is pretty good. I think it's the epitome of Fall polishes, and since metallics are big this summer, it'll make a nice polish to wear during the transitional period that comes in August between Summer brights and Fall vamps. 

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Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles - Pudding Lane

By beautopia · July 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles in Pudding Lane - $9.50 at sephora.com

The Sprinkles range of polishes is a relatively new one in the Nails Inc Special Effects line and they're beautiful! They consist of semi-transparent bases with a range of glitter polishes. With the rise in popularity of glitter polishes, especially those like Revlon Whimsical/Lippmann Glitter in the Air that show the glitter through the different layers of polish that give it more depth. In these cases the glitter isn't about sparkle; it's about texture, depth, and color. 

In Pudding Lane the semi-sheer medium blue-leaning aqua is filled with gold and purple (maybe it's blurple) glitter. It's surprisingly pigmented, so two coats is all you need for full-coverage, but I did use three for a little more glitter, hence the more densely speckled look you see here. This dried slightly gritty, but not nearly as bad as I expected and a coat or so of topcoat should fix things. I only used one and it's not glassy, but it's not gritty at all. I am already eyeing up the other three polishes, but can't find a great reason to justify it considering I've had two Zoya orders, a Sephora order (for this and the LORAC Pro palette which is AMAZING, btw!) plus my Julep stuff this month. I really need to get around to that blog sale...

What do you think of this polish? are you interested in any other other polishes available in this range? Let me know!

Click to see a close-up of this polish...

Zoya Carly

By beautopia · July 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Carly - $8 - zoya.com

Just a reminder: there is still a sale at Zoya for BOGOFREE Beach & Surf polishes with the code SUMMER7 and will run through tomorrow as well. It's a great time to get some fun, bright polishes to enjoy the last month or so of summer with. 

Carly is one of the Surf polishes, so it's part of the BOGOFREE going on right now. It's berry-magenta with an intense color payoff and a very dense foil finish. It sort of reminds me of China Glaze Steppin Out, which has been discontinued for a looooong time. Wow, that photo is so old, it really takes me back, lol. Carly is a great polish, and if you're taking advantage of the BOGOFREE, I highly recommend adding it to your cart, along with Zuza which also very excellent. 

If you're interested in seeing some other Zoyas (that aren't part of the BOGOFREE) to add to your order, check out some of my Zoya swatches! 

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