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Bare Escentuals - Nude Beach Glimmer Review

By beautopia · January 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

$13 for .02oz on sephora.com

Bare Escentuals has a range of several types of mineral eye shadows including regular eye shadow (supposedly matte), Glimpse (low-level shimmer), Glimmer (quite shimmery), and Extreme Glimmer ("Extreme"ly shimmery). This particular shadow is in the Glimmer range and it is definitely shimmery. I'm reminded of walking down a snowy road and particulate snowflakes glittering against the white base. The shade Nude Beach seems to be to Bare Escentuals what Kitten is to Stila; it's signature champagne everyone-needs-it shade. Nude Beach is a champagne-shimmer base with tons of tiny sparkling shimmer particles that "glimmer" as you move. I have found with other shadows that intend to have this sort of effect, including some Urban Decay glitter shadows and Bobbi Brown Sparkle shadows, that there is a lot of fall-out. Usually the base shades of these stay on the lid, but their well-intentioned glitter ends up everywhere but where they're intended to go. MAC Reflects achieve this glimmering gorgeousness with only a little fall-out, but this Bare Escentuals shadow manages to give you just the right effect, just where you want it.

The swatch you will see below seems quite frosty, it was applied with a finger quite heavily. You can get a similar payoff by packing this on your lids, but by using a brush, it sheers out considerably and lightly places shimmer where you want it. This is a great all-over wash for a wide-awake look. I loved the effect on my eyes when used with a little gunmetal liner and a swipe of mascara.

The packaging is rather inconvenient for an eye shadow, but I think we've all pretty much gotten over the loose-eyeshadow fear since so many great brands are now doing mineral eye shadows and don't even offer a sifter, where BE does. The amount of product seems very little, but you need only a smidge of powder to get a glorious effect.

I was very sad to realize once I removed this shadow that it left behind itchy red bumps from lashline to browbone where I had applied it. I assume it's the dastardly bismuth that BE shadows and foundations contain. I have tried many mineral shadows, but this being my first from BE I was a little disappointed. I thought perhaps I had a tolerance for bismuth, but as it turns out either the other mineral shadows I've tried didn't have any, or BE just has a lot of it. At any rate, I'll give it another go and if the same thing occurs I will have to return it to Sephora and stick to Stila Starlight and Bobbi Brown Bone Shimmer Wash as my go-to everyday wash. I hope that it was just an initial reaction, because it truly is a very pretty shadow. If you don't have a problem or sensitivity to bismuth, I would recommend this shadow.



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