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Nail Art for the Masses!

The Beautopia Nail Art Contest Starts Now!

By beautopia · March 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Sponsored by China Glaze, Nailene, and wowsocool.com

I am so excited and beyond happy to announce the Beautopia Nail Art Contest! Hopefully in time we'll consider this the First Annual Nail Art Contest, but for now I am just thrilled to officially get started. I originally planned for it to start on April 1, but it's obviously starting a little early. I am so happy to offer some great prizes from amazing sponsors. Prize packs for the Grand Prize, and 1st and 2nd Runners-Up are below the rules.

If you're a fellow blogger, a regular reader, or you just happened upon this page, we welcome you to enter. Below is an outline of the how to enter:

  • This contest will run until midnight Friday, April 30th.
  • You may enter as many designs as you like
  • Send entries to BeautopiaNailArtContest@gmail.com with photo of your nail art and the list of products used to create it. Make sure to put "Nail Art Contest" in the subject line.
  • Please name your design and include it in the email.
  • Contest is open internationally unless your country prohibits shipments from the US
  • By submitting your nail art design to the contest, you're giving your permission for us to post it on Beautopia (with credit to you of course) <p>

When you submit your designs, feel free to include a tutorial and we might post it here on Beautopia. I know that a lot of you have blogs and do tutorials already, so if you want to share it with us that would be great. Keep in mind that you can do the nail art on others, maybe a friend or family member, and it will count. Also, you may choose to make your designs on a set of false nails and this is also acceptable. The main thing is that we want to see how creative you can be, and how you can inspire others with your designs. So many of you, I know, already are doing nail art, or getting more into it, and I hope that this contest will inspire us all to be even more creative.

Prizes below may be added to while the contest is going on, so check back for any updates!! I'm going on vacation and who knows what kinds of fun things I might find to add to the pot!

Good luck to ALL who enter, I can't wait to see what you all can do! Also remember to check out the sites of the amazing sponsors who made the prizes unbelievable! China Glaze, Nailene, and wowsocool.com!! I am so happy to be able to have prizes from companies whose products I use myself and recommend to you.

Full set (12) of China Glaze Up & Away Collection
Full set (6) of China Glaze Khrome Collection
$50 Gift Certificate to WowSoCool.com (not pictured)
China Glaze Ink Nail Decals 
Nailene French Manicure Tip Pen
Body by Brigitte Body Wax Kit 
Nail Art Carousel
Loose Glitter in Emerald
Package of gold metal studs
Package of square gold glitter

1st Runner Up :
China Glaze Spontaneous
China Glaze Code Orange
China Glaze Passion
China Glaze Ink Decals
China Glaze No-Chip Topcoat 
China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier
Nailene So Real and Couture Nails
Gold striping tape
Loose Glitter in Multi Color
Assorted rhinestones
Assorted decals by That's It? and Nailene
Gold Nuggeting Foil
Body by Brigitte Body Wax Kit

2nd Runner Up:
China Glaze It's Poppin'
China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling
China Glaze Platinum Pearl
China Glaze Ridge Filler
China Glaze Non-Yellowing Topcoat
China Glaze Ink Decals
Nailene So Natural Nails
Decals by Thats It?
Assorted Laser Striping
Emerald Rhinestones
Body By Brigitte Body Wax Kit


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I have questions. :) Is Konading acceptable? Do we send an email for each entry?
Can we use something we have already done? Thanks.
I don't think I'm all that creative but I may give it a whirl.

posted by

omg, i would love to win the grand prize really. just to participate in your contest, i just spent close to $200 on new polishes + konad stamps and plates :D

posted by

Susie: Yup konading is more than acceptable. It's my only real mode of nail art, myself, lol. and you can send them all in one if you like. it's up to you. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! and teaplayground, WHOA! that's a lotta plates! I am so excited to see what designs you do!!!!!

posted by

Hum, for some reason I didn't get notification that you commented. :) Thanks. Oh and can these be some we have done in the past?

posted by

I just sent a few entries =)


posted by


posted by

Hi.... am just a new comer here :) It's so frustrating that I missed the nail contest.... I really love designing nails and it just so happen that I never knew that there was a contest like this. I wish I can participate next time. When we'll be the next contest please let me know thank you so much :)


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