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China Glaze Capitol Colours Hunger Games Collection

By beautopia · February 26, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I haven't been so excited about a nail polish collection before in my LIFE. I am a huge Hunger Games fan if you didn't know already, and the marriage of some of my favorite books and my favorite nail polish company is so awesome. I am dying waiting for this damn movie, I'm serious. Anyway, I went and grabbed the collection today at CosmoProf and did some swatches. This is a diverse collection full of color, texture, and awesome.

FAST TRACK - District 6 (Transportation)

Fast Track is a beigey nude shade absolutely packed with golden glass flecks; the kind that turn sort of green in some lights. Sometimes this looks sort of like a creme, but in most lights it really shines, so it's a nude polish with punch that is definitely office-appropriate.

DRESS ME UP - District 8 (Textile)

Dress Me Up is one of my favorites in the collection. It's understated and ladylike, a rosy nude, but it's so different. It reminds me a bit of Nubar Moire or Taffetta which were from the Finest Silks collection. This is from the textile district, very neat coincidence. Either way, this is a rad color. It's almost ironic.

HOOK AND LINE - District 4 (Fishing)

Not really getting what the color of Hook and Line has to do with the district responsible for supplying seafood to the Capitol, except that maybe it reminds me of raw shrimp... I don't know. I'm not really down with this one, it's a silvery light taupey shade and it's a frost. I think that frosts should be outlawed. Metallic is cool, but not frost. Come on. If you'd have asked me before, I'd have said "well, if anyone can make a nice frost, it would be China Glaze." But I'm wrong, it can't be done.

FOIE GRAS - District 10 (Livestock)

This is another of my favorites of the collection... It is stunning. In the bottle I was thinking, "wow, another purpley taupe, genius..." but honestly it is awesome. It's darker than any of it's family members in my collection, about the depth of OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but more purple. AMAZING POLISH!

MAHOGANY MAGIC - District 7 (Lumber)

Mahogany Magic was one I was iffy about in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised. It's so rich and saturated, and the tiny bit of green in it really saves it from looking like ear wax buildup. Gross, I know. And I'm sorry , but have mercy it's a strange and wonderful color. Applies so perfectly, too!

RIVETING - District 3 (Technology)

This is probably the absolute star for me. It is an incredibly saturated bright orange with yellow gold glass flecks. It's a cousin to China Glaze Orange Pacific and Orange Marmalade, but it's better than either in my opinion. Brighter, more rich, more glass fleck-y, and more pigmented by far. It is a sight to behold in the sun, which is why I picked the photo above to show you. It's a good representation of the color and the shimmer.

ELECTRIFY - District 5 (Power)

I'm up to District 5 in my Hunger Games nail art series, and I hope to include some of the Capitol Colours from here on in with their corresponding districts, and with that in mind, this will be a perfect representation of the district. From arms length in normal lighting it looks like a brassy gold, and it's crazy shiny. The red doesn't really make an impression unless you look really close, it just makes the gold warmer and showier. This was three coats and I think you could get away with wearing it alone. It's gorgeous.

HARVEST MOON - District 11 (Grains)

District 9 is the one responsible to providing crops of various types of grains to the Capitol. Fall is Harvesttime, so this coppery fallen leaf foil is a nice fit. It's not quite as pigmented as I expected, but I think I'm getting spoiled at this point. It's better than other brands' foils. Three coats is what I used, but if I were less anal, I could probably get away with two. Overall it's a nice bright copper that, while it makes my skin pull a bit pink, I will be wearing quite a bit I'm sure.

AGRO - District 11 (Agriculture)

Rue's District, 11, is responsible for other food crops, such as fruit from orchards and other food items. Agro is a really spectacular green. it's a velvety evergreen with loads of gold shimmer that makes it just look like it would feel like velvet if you touched it. It's very, very pigmented and smooth, and it's one of my favorites here.

STONE COLD - District 2 (Graphite, Weapons, Military)

District 2's principal industry is ostensibly the mining of graphite and other stones, but it's also mainly the district from which come a huge number of the Peacekeeper force, and is also a military stronghold. Stone Cold is a matte charcoal that reminds you of fresh cut stone. It's very pretty, it's smooth, very even and pigmented, but Nubar Midnight and MAC Military are very similar.


SMOKE & ASHES - District 12 (Coal Mining)

Katiniss and Peeta's very own district, 12, is where all the coal comes from. In several versions of Panem maps people have made, District 12 lays directly over my own hometown, and the district boundary on which The Seam is falls literally right on my city, so I'm doubly excited about District 12's polish. It's an incredibly dark blue, yes blue not black, with color shifting glass flecks that go from blue to teal. This one only requires two thin coats, it's so pigmented. It's slightly on the thick side, but damn, it's pigmented.


LUXE & LUSH - District 1 (Luxury Items)

shown over Stone Cold

shown over Smoke & Ashes

Luxe & Lush is a clear base with irregularly shaped shards and flecks of light responsive glitter. The glitter isn't flat, so it sort of will stick up randomly and the glitter is also quite sparse, but with a little patience, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly so you can apply two or three over your chosen base shade, it is pretty cool.

All these polishes were three coats, except where noted. This collection as a whole and as a concept is excellent. The individual qualities of the polishes are great, the colors are great alone and even better as a group. I'm sure that I'm somewhat biased as I do love The Hunger Games and was anxiously awaiting this collection, but there are some unique colors in this collection that are worth picking up for sure.

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Fantastic nails.

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Great swatches!

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Electrify looks fantastic! Fast track, Dress Me Up, Mahogany Magic and Foie Gras look superb as well. This was helpful, thanks much!

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