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China Glaze Poolside Swatches!

By beautopia · March 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

My eyes are killing me! After swatching and photographing all this retina-searing gorgeousness, I still had hundreds of photos to edit. Yes hundreds. Nearly a hundred for Pool Party alone! Anyhoo, I'll have comparisons over the next couple weeks so my eyes can heal ;p but here are the swatches!

Pool Party - There's a slight warmth to this HOT pink, and believe it or not, this photo is pretty darn accurate. I've got it on my toes now and from two or three feet it's honestly incredibly bright. This is one of the polishes from this collection that is quite opaque, and doesn't benefit much from being layered over white. It's gorgeous on it's own. It reminded me initially of Color Club Screamin' Fuchsia, but it's much pinker.

Flip Flop Fantasy - This is a little easier on the eyes, not quite so painful ;p It's a neutral bright coral, and the formula is quite creamy. This is the most opaque of the bunch as far as I can tell and putting it over white, as I have done on the pinkie in this pic, doesn't do much. You can barely tell the white polish is there. This is my very favorite of the collection and just might be the most wearable to the general population.

Sun Worshiper - Oh, how I love thee. I worship Sun Worshiper. This is described as "neon orange" but to be honest it's like a yellow and orange mix. Think Color Club Explosive with more orange. I was so happy that this actually looked good on my skintone! Neither the orange or yellow aspects turned me red, which is a feat. On my pinkie I'm wearing SW over white, but it only makes a slight difference. I love the way this applied, as well; very smooth. Gawgeous.

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - This one actually has a slight green cast to it in real life that the camera couldn't pick up. If you wanted Essie Limelight to be less sheer and streaky, this one will probably make you feel better. While it's still a bit sheer, three coats are sufficient to cover evenly if you let it dry between coats. The photo above is two coats, so you can see it's pretty pigmented compared to Limelight. On my pinky in this photo I applied it over white which does brighten it up a bit.

Kiwi Cool-ada - I've got a little Sun Worshiper stuck on my cuticles in this pic ;( Sorry i couldn't quite get the perfect tone on this one! It's a bit brighter in person, but this is a straight up bright neon radioactive green. It's a bit sheer like most neon greens I've tried, but three coats with sufficient dry time in between will work to get you good coverage. I've applied it over white polish on my pinkie, and this really gives it a bit of something extra.

Towel Boy Toy - This is the only polish in the collection with shimmer. It's a gorgeous bright warm blue with shimmer and a bit of a violet cast in some lights. The finish reminds me of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. This polish strikes me as delicate but in-your-face at the same time. I've applied it over white on my pinkie in this photo but I don't think you need it, really. This one is tied with Sun Worshiper for my second favorite of the collection!

I'm in the process of doing comparisons of these with other polishes, and I hope to have them up soon, so keep an eye out! I literally cannot weed out one of these that aren't better than another similar polish, or unique on it's own that would make it unnecessary, but I think the ones you cannot miss are Sun Worshipper and Flip Flop Fantasy! Even if you're not super-warm toned they're amazing, they didn't turn my skin the least bit pink which oranges and yellows tend to do!

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for these? Which ones will you be getting?

Disclosures: The product samples reviewed in this post were received by PR for review consideration. Everything I review is put through the same types of testing, and is reviewed fairly, no matter how I come by the products. I don't "sell" products to my readers or viewers, I just want to help you make informed decisions when you research your beauty choices, and share my views on products I like and dislike with you. See the Disclosures page at the top of the page for more.

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Awesomesauce Love!

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Ahhh more neons! I want to get my hands on these!

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OMG.........don't "DO" this to me. I have to stop buying. I really do. OMG........I 'so' love these.

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Flip Flop Fantasy and Towel; Boy Toy...trying to stick to the awful budget...or I'd buy them all :)

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Such fun colors! ChG is getting too much of my $$$ lately w/ their awesome colors!

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