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China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection Swatches

By beautopia · June 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection - available starting in early July online and at Sally Beauty

The Fall shades I've seen so far for this year aren't only about the rich and vibrant colors, or the deep vampy tones. While they're all those things, they also seem to be about finish and texture more than ever. This 12-piece collection from China Glaze hits on almost every finish, and even invents a few we've not seen much of before now. I am really into this collection; from the throwback 1940s names and vibe, to the rich and interesting shades and finishes, I'm all about these polishes. I've done some swatches for them, and if you'd like to see them and hear what this girl thinks about them, keep on reading!

Emerald Fitzgerald - This is a rich deep green with some teal tendencies. The finish is a very subtle but stunning shimmer and it applies beautifully, needing only two moderate coats for coverage. Very smooth jeweltone and I like it a lot.

Bogie - This one reminded me of one of my all-time faves; OPI Have You Seen My Limo. It's a midtone charcoal-plum and it applies perfectly in two coats. If you're familiar with the charcoal-plum shade in the NARS Habanera eyeshadow duo. It's amazing. One of my favorites in the collection, hands down.

Midnight Mission - I was shocked by how much I liked this. Sure, blue is my favorite color, but I'm extremely picky with blue polishes since I have a ton of them. I think that the finish of this makes it incredibly special. It's a neutral blue shimmer with silver microglitter. I was sort of expecting the finish of China Glaze Dorothy Who in this polish, but the gorgeous shimmery base makes it work. It's not gritty in the least, it's perfect. It belongs in the "starry skies" category that everyone adores so much. It's super pigmented and applies wonderfully.

First Class Ticket - This is a deep and beautiful purple shimmer with some sparse turquoise shimmer throughout. The turquoise doesn't really stand out in normal lighting, but in the sun it pops! It covers in two coats perfectly, and is super rich. The purple/turquoise combo is really unique and interesting.

Hey Doll - is a slightly browned rose with silver microglitter througout. I'd almost call it a rosewood. It's slightly sheer, but three coats will give you complete coverage. I'm not crazy about this shade on my skin, but I imagine it would look lovely on some skintones both lighter and darker than me. It's a bit too midtoned to work the way I'd like on me.

Swing Baby - is a silvery-taupe foil. It's just a bit sheer, but with three careful coats you can get great coverage. It mostly appears as a foily metallic but up-close you can see the micro-glitter that makes up the polish. This is a finish we've all been seeing more of lately, especially in silver and gold, but this slightly "off" version is really refreshing.

Foxy - This one reminds me of OPI Russian to a Party; a long-gone favorite. It's a deep warm red with antiqued gold shimmer. The overall effect is a red-bronze when viewed at arm's length. The finish is smooth and glowy and it is very pigmented and smooth. This is two coats.

Classic Camel - Wow, this isn't very flattering on me, but on it's own, it's a gorgeous light warm tan with golden shimmer. On someone with significantly darker skin than mine it would be amazing. On me it just looks like I asked someone to pass the Grey Poupon. I've never seen a color quite like this and I know there will be some out there that will love it.

Ingrid - a great taupe with golden shimmer. The base reminds me of OPI You Don't Know Jacques, it's a bit darker than a lot of the taupes you see recently. The gold shimmer makes it even more special. This is a favorite for me in this collection as well. It applies smoothly and is quite pigmented.

Goin' My Way - reminds me of China Glaze Unplugged, but lighter and more neutral. I know that's like saying "I have a shirt just like that, except it's green and it's pants," but it really did remind me of Unplugged when I first pulled it out of the box. I can see myself wearing this a lot during the Fall as well as the Summer because it's a really gorgeous bronze. The finish is a delicate shimmer and while a little more sheer than the most pigmented of this collection, it will still only take a couple coats for smooth and even coverage.

Jitterbug - is a stunner! It's a mixture of steel and silver colored foil pieces in a clear base. The coverage is pretty decent, and it took two sort of thick coats for good coverage. The shade reminds me of MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow in nail polish form. This shade is gorgeous and will work from now all the way through Winter!

Riveter Rouge - This one is a vibrant rouge red with gold microglitter throughout. The mixture of the regal red and rich gold look great together, and the finish is actually quite nice, though not completely smooth. The name is awesome, and so is the application, it was a two coater, like many of the shades are in this collection.

I highly recommend Midnight Mission, Jitterbug, Bogie, and Ingrid, but First Class TIcket, Swing Baby and Emerald Fitzgerald are definitely must-haves as well.

Overall, this is a really varied and beautiful collection. The hues and textures are so lush and interesting and almost every one is a two-coater. I'm really excited for these. Which ones are you most interested in?


Disclosures: The product samples reviewed in this post were received by PR for review consideration. Everything I review is put through the same types of testing, and is reviewed fairly, no matter how I come by the products. I don't "sell" products to my readers or viewers, I just want to help you make informed decisions when you research your beauty choices, and share my views on products I like and dislike with you. See the Disclosures page at the top of the page for more.

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I love them all but Midnight and Ingrid are rockin!

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Gorgeous collection! I'm definitely getting Ingrid, First Class Ticket, Emerald Fitzgerald, and Midnight Mission.

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I like them all. But I definitely want Classic Camel, Midnight Mission, and Swing Baby for sure. Thanks for posting swatches!

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I agree with all these choices, girls! Weedita I can't wait to see Classic Camel on you! I want to see it on others, I just know it can look amazing, just not on me.

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