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Claire's Calm/Wild Mood Nail Polish

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By beautopia · April 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Claire's Calm/Wild Mood Nail Polish - $5 at Claire's

I just posted Claire's Mood Polish in Daring/Innocent, and this is the other of the two Mood polishes I talked about. Calm/Wild is purple with lots of silver shimmer when cool and a pretty Springy pink when warm. It's quite midtoned and subdued on it's own, whether it's showing pink or purple, but the ombre effect of the pink-to-purple gradation on the nails is something else altogether. If you've got shorter nails, or less free-edge, you're most likely going to see the pink alone most of the time unless you've just taken your hands out of cool water. However, if you've got a bit of free-edge to your nails, you can see it's got that neat effect just about all the time. I like this one best when both colors are showing.

Like Daring/Innocent, this one applies beautifully. It's opaque and streak-free in two coats. It applies as purple but as it begins to dry, or cure, it starts to slowly turn pink starting at the base of the nail. As you can see, the tips of my nails never turned pink. That is, until I ran them under cold water.

These polishes from Claire's are a bit smaller than the regular-sized polishes, but they will still run you $5. You'll most likely find that you'll get the second one half-off as this is usually the case with Claire's cosmetics. I definitely recommend trying out at least one of these. I'm very pleasantly surprised by them after the not-so-great mood polish experiences I've had before. They are very responsive to cool and warm water, and I like the contrast on the nail. If you're afraid of the effect, this polish or one of the other Mood polishes with a more subtle difference in shades might be a better option for you as they provide more of that ombre effect rather than full-on contrast.

After running under cool water; It started to turn pink very quickly near the base of the nail.

After running under warm water; you can see the tip of my index nail where the water cooled quickly and is starting to turn the nail purple.

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Oohh I like this combi better than the peach/grey one

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I love these mood polishes but they seem to look better on longer nails because the temp at the tips is different that your body temperature. I have shorties so I'm not sure these would work for me, other than changing when I wash my hands!

posted by

I have this one on right now! =)

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I really want this color!! i just went to claire's store nearby, I only found the daring/innocent and the fabulous/funky, i really want this purple and green ones... they sold out really fast, i'm going to hunt other claire's stores and hopefully i got them cos i want them badlyyy... =)))

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were can i get it preferably in Australia preferably in Queensland preferably in brisbane???????

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Im desperate here

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