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Checkered Flag Nails - Indianapolis 500 Inspired

By beautopia · May 28, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The Indianapolis 500 - aka The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. I may or may not have mentioned it to you guys before, but another obsession I am afflicted with in addition to my addiction to nail art is cars. Fast cars. I'm not into racing in general; I don't really care about NASCAR, but I LOVE Indy cars and, to a certain point F1. Anyway, tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500, and while I will not be there this year, I will be watching and sporting checkered flag nails. Instead of waving two checkered flags, I'll be waving two checkered hands. The technique is really easy to do and if I'm lucky, I'll get some time soon to do a quick tutorial video for you on it. The only products I used were Wet n Wild polish in white and an Art Deco Striping polish in black. Plus Seche Clear and Vite for base and top coats. The props used in these photos are a seat cushion and a keychain I bought at the 500 two years ago. I am already making plans to be there next year, and am so sad I won't be there in person this time to experience the awesome sounds and smells. Fortunately I have a friend in Indy, the guy with my husband and I went with last time, and he will be there tomorrow, undoubtedly sharing the untelevised portion of the awesomeness via Facebook. Score!

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I love nail designs like this which looks complicated but are actually easy to create. Pretty~

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Love it! And I can totally see you waving your hands like flags, hahaha!

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