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Nubar Venetian Glass Collection Swatches

By beautopia · June 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Nubar Venetian Glass collection - $49.95 for the set, $7.49 individually at bynubar.com

Nubar has a new collection coming out next month, and it's full of luscious vibrant Autumn shades all with a snazzy glass-flecky shimmer finish. It's part foil, part metallic and I like 'em! Inspired by famous handmade Venetian Glass, these shades evoke a festival-like mood and reflect a rich antiquity. While several of the shades are just far too warm for my skin, they're still so rich and beautiful. I look forward to seeing them on lots of other people with skintones different than mine. If you'd like to see some more photos, read on!

Oro - "Gold" in Italian, this is most certainly that. This is a very warm but super bright and rich golden. It's super pigmented and smooth, and two coat perfection. It's not quite the perfect shade for my skintone, but lots of you will love it. I'm really impressed by how nicely this went on in two coats.

Caramello - Precisely one guess what Caramello is in English... Anyway, you're looking at a sort of caramel-toned gold. This was incredibly pigmented as well, it applied in two coats and was smooth and sparkly perfection. Again, this isn't quite the thing for my skintone, but I can appreciate the richness of the shade and the beautiful shiny finish.

Bronzo - Italian for "Bronze," this polish is a super vibrant rusty bronze. It wasn't very pigmented and requires at least three coats for opacity, but once you get there, it's quite pretty.

Arencia - Don't know what this means in Italian, I can only imagine it's a typo and it's "Arancia" which is orange. Dunno, but either way this one is a stunner. I love orange polishes so much but I barely wear them because (broken record) they just don't look great on me. I still love them though. This was a bit more pigmented than Bronzo, but not quite as pigmented as Oro and Caramello were.

Rosso: "Red" in Italian. This one is a pink-based vibrant red foil that glows. I really like this one. It's pretty pigmented and need only two coats for coverage. Very pretty.

Vino: "Wine." Yes, please! I'll take a bottle of wine or a bottle of this any day. It's a super rich burgundy with golden flecks of shimmer in. The finished product is amazing. It's tied with the next one, Verde, for my favorite polish of the collection!

Verde: This one is AMAZING! It's got a blue base and it's full of green and golden foil shimmer that floats on top. It's super pigmented and applies like a dream. This is just beyond words!

Vaso - "Vase?" I have no idea, I don't speak Italian, so maybe it's lost in translation, but this light lavender foil is sort of the odd-man-out in the collection. It's a light and delicate shade that contrasts nicely with the brash and bold fiery tones in this collection.

In my opinion, the must-haves in this collection are Verde and Vino. They are beyond amazing. The fire-like polishes; Oro, Bronzo, Caramello, and Arancia are crazy nice choices for the warm-toned. The finish on all these are gorgeous, and the shades themselves are all vibrant and beautiful. What do you guys think of these? Any catch your eye?

Disclosures: The product samples reviewed in this post were received by PR for review consideration. Everything I review is put through the same types of testing, and is reviewed fairly, no matter how I come by the products. I don't "sell" products to my readers or viewers, I just want to help you make informed decisions when you research your beauty choices, and share my views on products I like and dislike with you. See the Disclosures page at the top of the page for more.

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eeeeeeeee! so gorgeous!! great job!

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ShammaLamma!!! WhoO! are you getting any of these? The green and wine ones scream "SHAMMY!"

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the only one i like was verde from this collection! i don't usually go for green but this screams "take me home"!

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Oooooh I get a great wine at Trader Joes called Vino Verde, it's portugese...uh yeah it's kismet..must have those two togehter!

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Verde looks great!

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