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Orly Snowcone Comparisons

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By beautopia · March 5, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Index to pinky are: Color Club Blue Light, Orly Snowcone, China Glaze Secret Periwinkle, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

Color Club Blue Light - This isn't periwinkle at all, it's a straight-up bright pastel blue, but I thought some might want comparison of it.

Orly Snowcone - This is a sweet, slightly-purple toned blue. I'd definitely put it in the periwinkle family. It's super opaque, and two coats are shown here.

China Glaze Secret Periwinkle - Is pretty sheer, and quite purple-leaning when put up next to Snowcone. on it's own, it's such a perfect example of periwinkle that it's not even funny. I love this one.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue - Is a bit darker and brighter than the others but it has that gorgeous purple tone to it. I'd call this more a cornflower.

posted by

I already have Secret Periwinkle and Pacific Blue. I had Light Blue and Snowcone on my wishlist and after seeing your comparison photos I HAVE to get them!
Thanks for posting this! Hope to see more posts like this one. =)

posted by

Love your Comparisons! They are so helpful :)

posted by

Nihrida: Glad to help enable, lol / Tropicalsiren: Thank you, I'm definitely going to keep doing them if they're helpful:)

posted by

I want this entire Orly collection but I'm on a No-Buy this month ::sad face::

posted by

:( Well I'm sure they'll be at transdesign or 8ty8beauty when march rolls around. Honestly the only one i think is a MUST have is Snowcone. Gumdrop is very similar to FOr Audrey and the others are variations on pink and coral and pastel yellow that we've seen before. so don't feel too awful bad. but snatch up snowcone when march comes!

posted by

Must get Orly Snowcone now! LOL. Thanks for the great comparisons and your nails look fabby!

posted by

no problem, girl. and thanks for the compliment!

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