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Petites Color Fever Nail Polish in Vintage Gray

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By beautopia · June 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Petites Color Fever in Vintage Gray - $3.99 at Rite Aid

There's a somewhat new range of polishes at my local Rite Aid... Petites, otherwise of Walmart fame, now has a line of more trendy (and more expensive) nail polishes. Among their ranks was this gorgeous shade that leapt into my hand, whoops. I'm a sucker for greys and taupes, and this mixture of both is very ladylike and beautiful. I've got tons o' greys and barrels of taupes, but this one isn't quite like any of the others. The closest polishes in my stash to this one are Color Club High Society and Sally Hansen Wet Cement, but even HIgh Society is darker and with more brown to it than grey and Wet Cement is a bit more white and by comparison almost makes Vintage Gray have a lavender cast. Wet Cement is as close as I have to a dupe overall. Vintage Gray is just how it sounds, a light delicate creamy grey that has been touched with the slightest tinge of sepia to warm it up. It's still a cool-toned color, so warm-toned gals may not love this one. I love that it seems dusky and crisp and clean at the same time.

As far as application, I really didn't have an issue. With the regular Petites polishes found at Walmart, I have horrific application issues, so I wasn't holding my breath for this one. I found, though, that it was very creamy and applied very evenly. I had a couple bald spots but this was user error; I applied it while sitting on the floor reading the Apple WWDC liveblog. Viva la iPhone! It also doesn't wear as well as I'd have liked, but you live and learn. Overall, I do like this polish; it's unique and right up my alley, but I don't like the price for such a small bottle and for such subpar wear. I would recommend this shade, but I can't vouch for the rest of the line. Have you tried any of these yet? What did you think? What's your take on this shade?


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wow. I like it! =)

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That's a really pretty color, but $4 for .25 oz.? Ouch. I think I'm spoiled by head2toe, transdesign, and VNS's prices, hehe.

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This is such a lovely shade!

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It's pretty, right guys!? whateveramber: I agree, the price is hard to swallow, but I loved this shade. Won't be doing that again anytime soon, though.

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Me likey as well!

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Rite aid doesn't have this color, I checked online do you recommend any other places to buy this color I'm obsessed with greige tones in nail polish!

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I love the petites nail polish! They have such a great finish in such a tiny bottle! :)

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Love this! It's lighter than most of the gray/beige colors I've seen!

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