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Nail Art for the Masses!

Retro Wallpaper Nail Art

By beautopia · May 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Today's post is the product of my attempt to recreate the awesomeness of this manicure by IndigoNova1 on YouTube; meticulously copied and conveyed to you here as a subpar iPhone photo, as I forgot to take a proper photo before removing this design in favor of the retina-searing Essie Punchy Pink which I'm now sporting on my tips. Wow, run-on sentence, much? At any rate, I strongly suggest you check the video tutorial out, as it's ingenious and simple as can be. For this manicure, I personally used Misa Dirty Sexy Money as the base and then I used ArtDeco striping polishes in black and white to make the stripes, then black and white polish on two different sizes of dotting tools for the polka dots. After watching this video, I found myself really surprised at the simplicity of such an interesting and involved looking design. Props to IndigoNova1, wonderful design.

Here's another link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGRjlMjeTdw

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Awesome! This looks really easy but takes quite a bit of effort, I shall do it when I have the time :D

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This looks awesome! Great job.

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♥ this!!!! Sucker for anything retro.


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Hi, was just checking all my youtube stuff and found this link on my retro wallpaper video - Wow! Thank you so much, I am extremely flattered and so happy that you like it :)
You did an amazing job, your nails look identical to mine (very impressed), so I just registered with this site to thank you personally, both for the shout out and the link ^_^
And to think.....I almost didn't upload that tutorial, haha, I suddenly lost confidence in it and thought it wasn't good enough........think I was wrong on that one!

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IndigoNova:: Yay, i'm so glad you did post that tutorial. It is awesome!! I loved that manicure so much :D :D :D

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Is it strange that I can imagine having tea while wearing a feathered fascinator in a room papered with this exact design? Lol

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