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Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Binge - Review and Photos

By beautopia · January 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes - Binge - $22 at UrbanDecay.com

I am a big fan of cream and gel liners because of the control and long wear they offer, and the little pots are so cute. Eyeliner-extraordinaire Urban Decay has made a foray into the world of cream liners with their Inks for Eyes. The packaging is completely different than any other company out there, so they do catch your attention. Past the initial, "oh cool!" I was left scratching my head at it's length and bulkiness. The length of this liner is approximately the same as one of their 24/7 liners, and I have included a photo of the two next to each other below. Ink for Eyes comes in black, brown, eggplant, green, midnight, and a glittery shade which is sort of like a topcoat for the others, or any other liner you might be using. This particular shade I am reviewing is the midnight shade called Binge, and while the color in the pan is an almost-black navy, the color is more of a royal blue to me.

The outer packaging is without a doubt the most beautiful outer carton I have ever seen on a piece of makeup. The metallic purple box with it's swirling peacock and embellishments of metallic blue and teal is beyond cool, and I have been keeping the liner inside it because I can't think of throwing such a beautiful thing away. The inner packaging is a gunmetal oblong number with the same peacock from the carton, only in monochrome.

The liner is in a half-inch wide sliver running the length of the compact and then there is the included brush which is thin and slanted on one end and has a spongey smudger on the other. The brush is of decent quality, though I prefer to use my Sephora Platinum #22 with cream liners. The product is very waxy, not really that creamy, and comes off a great deal lighter than the pan color. I actually prefer the actual color of the product to the pan color which just looks black to me, but I've heard people complaining that it's not what they expected. This liner can apply spottily, but the texture does allow more control so you can go over a skipped spot with a little more precision. The color is really gorgeous, but it just doesn't apply quite as crisply as I would like. When you try to apply a line of it, it just looks at you as if it wants to be smudged, and then when you do, most of the color comes off and it looks uneven.

Thin(ish) line, thick line, smudged line.

Overall, I like that Urban Decay continued to push their think-outside-the-box mentality when debuting a cream liner for the first time, but I really do dislike the packaging (outer carton aside). I really like the color on the eye, though I think that as far as royal blues go, MAC Royal Wink was a bit better in texture. However, that MAC liner has been discontinued so I guess I shouldn't be so damn picky. Overall, even though I'm a loyal Urban Decay fan, I'm just not a fan of this liner. I haven't tried any of the other shades yet, so I can't speak for those, but I can't personally recommend this liner.


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thanks for the review, i was always intrigued by that product. But i do agree the packaging is gorgeous!

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I haven't searched your blog yet, but have you tried Stila's barbie smudge pots? The colbat clutch one is a beautiful royal blue, in the pot and on the skin.

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