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The Zoya Nail Polish Exchange is Back!

By beautopia · April 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It seemed to be a big hit the last time Zoya did it, so in honor of Earth Day Zoya is once again offering reduced prices on their ecofriendly nail polishes when you send in your old chemical-laden ones. Here's how it works: You send in at least 6 polishes from your stash that are not Zoya, Nocti, or Qtica, and for every polish you send in you're entitled to a Zoya polish for $3.50.

The assertion that it's polish-for-polish isn't perhaps the way I'd put it, but it's still a good deal in my opinion. Once Zoya receives your old polishes, they say that they will dispose of them in the proper environmentally-friendly way, which should make us all feel good. The total costs will depend on how many polishes you ship back as you do have to pay to ship your polishes to Zoya. Then you'll be paying $3.50 for each bottle of Zoya. I think that if you look at this program for what it is, basically a steep discount on new Zoya polishes and having your old and unwanted polishes disposed of in the correct way, it's really a neat thing. Help save the planet and let your wallet breathe a sigh of relief while you enjoy some new pretties from Zoya. I still haven't decided if I'll do it, or which polishes I'd be purging to do it, but if you've got some old nasties hanging around and want some cheap new Zoya, I think it's a cool idea.

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That is an awesome program. I'd mail them my old nail polishes just to have them get rid of them in a safe way even if there weren't a discount for Zoya polish.

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it definitely is a cool thing of them to do. It's awesome to be able to know they're being disposed of in the right way, and a discount is always good!

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