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Nail Art for the Masses!

Nfu Oh Nail Lacquer in 49 - Lots of Photos!

By beautopia · April 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Whoa. Just whoa. So I've shown you guys a few Nfu Oh flakies before; 38, 52, 60, and I think I still need to show you guys 51 and 61 (holo)... oops. But I digress, I'm going to show you number 49 today. I bought this recently on fabuloustreet.com because they're on sale! Normally you can get these babies for $12.50 shipped which isn't bad, but right now they're $10.00 shipped (to the US anyway). These are a bit bigger than your average polish at .60 oz, and there are so many unique colors and finishes. Nfu Oh has everything from cremes to glitters to these gorgeous flake-filled polishes.

This particular one has a very sheer rose base with orange-based flakes that when viewed from different angles range from reddish-orange, to yellow, to blue-green. I applied this over Zoya Pinta and the dark base really helps the flakes show up. They remind me of 90s crackle polish. All the Nfu Oh flakies have varying amounts of flakes in them; some are very sparse and require a few coats, but some are packed full and require only one coat. 49 is one of the latter. One moderate coat gave my nails this profusion of duochromey flakey goodness. YUM! OH and it looked awesome over my last manicure too!

Click for some more photos!!

Zoya Charla from the Sparkle Collection for Summer 2010

By beautopia · April 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Charla - $7 at zoya.com

Fresh off the production line, Zoya Charla is one of the gorgeous siblings in the new Sparkle family for Summer 2010. Consisting of 6 gorgeous shades, Sparkle is a full-on glittergasm, and Charla is the star. If you're not a glitter person, fret not; these are large flakes of gorgeous duochromey shimmer that don't take much elbow grease to remove. On the Zoya site, you'll find descriptions of each polish and a range in which the opacity falls. 1 is very sheer and 5 is very opaque. Charla is listed as a 5 and that makes me laugh, but it's such a lovely and unique shade I can't hold it against them. First of all, the base is a sheer jelly warm blue, then in comes the glassy shimmer that is equal parts green, blue and gold. I applied four careful coats in these photos. There's no way I'd get away with two, even three. In fact, 5 might not have been crazy. This is one of those polishes that every time you begin to apply a new coat it gets better and better and you have to finally stop yourself pouring the bottle on. You're going to see a TON of photos. Be warned; I don't want to annoy you guys but there are a lot of photos. I feel like they can tell the story better than this verbose girl. Don't forget to click to enlarge.  Enjoy!!

Click for a meeeeelion more pics!

Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer in Mine

By beautopia · April 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Eva Supreme Nail Lacquer  in Mine- $1.99 at Walgreen's

I'd never heard of this polish brand before the day I found it at a Walgreen's while on vacation. In fact, I can't find any information about it on the web. The display was a chintzy little thing attached to the end of the skin care aisle, and it only had lipsticks and nail polishes, about 25 of each. I glanced at the rack for a second to see if there were any winners and this one, Mine, is the only one that jumped out at me. It's not exactly from my favorite color family, but the duochrome was too cool to pass up. It ranges from a shimmery melon to a chrome-like warm gold and the duochrome itself is very strong and was surprisingly easy to capture in photographs. So lucky you, you're going to see a ton of photos! ;P

The lipsticks in the display seemed of crap quality, just going by the price and packaging. Think Wet n Wild circa 1994. However, after trying this Eva Supreme nail lacquer, I can't be so sure. Though it is slightly sheer, three thin coats did the job. There was no lifting or streaking, and the finish was to-die-for. I really like the application and finish! I'm sad that there weren't more interesting and unique colors in this brand because I'd be interested in trying more. Enough jibber-jabber, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Click to see the photos!

Layering with China Glaze Light as Air and Orly Rock Candy

By beautopia · March 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Recently, when I've been rifling through my nail drawers trying to make mani choices, I've been picking Orly Rock Candy up, then putting it down. I've just not been in the mood for sheers... Then one day I decided on China Glaze Light as Air and while I was getting it out of my drawers my eyes again lighted on Rock Candy and this time I realized that the base color of it is really similar to the color of Light as Air. So I decided to layer them, and here is the result.

If you're familiar with Rock Candy, you'll know that there's an elusive duochrome element to it that is difficult to capture on camera. In these photos you can see the blue flash, but what you can't see is the pink-violet sheen this polish possesses in some lights. It's truly amazing, and over the linen lilac shade of Light as Air, it shows on the nail the way you see it in the bottle. Together this sort of reminds me of OPI Give me the Moon, but there's a bit of pink involved here whereas GMTM is more grey with a blue flash. Pretty similar idea, but this has a bit more oomph. I love this combination and I love both nail polishes involved very, very much.

Click for more photos

The Many Faces of Zoya Ki

By beautopia · March 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Ki, available for $7 at zoya.com

I have a confession to make; I bought Ki almost three years ago and haven't worn it since the first time shortly after it arrived. I have no clue why. It's long been known as one of Zoya's best, and it's duochrome awesomeness is well-loved by many. I found this a couple days ago in the very back of my "purples" nail polish drawer and it called out to me, "Karrie, why don't you love me anymore?" I answered back "Ki, please, you know it's not like that. Let me make it up to you." So, in this post is a photographic experience dedicated to Ki. I hope you enjoy, and that it can even somewhat express the gorgeousness of this light purple/acid green duochrome shimmer.

Click if you want to see (literally) a dozen photos of this amazingness.

Borghese Nail Lacquer - Stellare Notte Photos and Review

By beautopia · January 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I'm not a nail polish snob. I am a discerning nail polish consumer, but unlike with a lot of makeup, there is a heck of a lot of good nail polish to be found on the cheap at the drugstore. I'm willing to shell out over $20 for a Chanel (if it's a great color), and I'm usually equally happy with my $2 Color Club polishes, but that weird spot in the middle, the $8 Borghese .40oz polish that lives in high-end/low-end pricing limbo, is a spot I don't venture into frequently. You may say, "I know you have a lot of OPI polishes and they're $8.50..." and that's true, but OPI is considered a salon brand, and it can be found for half price on the interwebz at that.

I've always been morally opposed to $8 for a polish at Rite Aid, and Borghese's cheap-ass looking bottle handle wigged me out. Not to mention the profusion of granny shades I usually see on the shelves. However, I spotted Stellare Notte on the endcap this week and was a little taken aback. Say it with me ladies and gents, "sucka."

Click for a TON more photos and more thoughts

Nfu-Oh 52 and 60 Nail Polishes!

By beautopia · November 10, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Oh, yeah. I'm back. Kinda, haha. Sorry I've been semi-MIA guys. I have been super busy with a lot of things and just got over a month-long illness to boot, so needless to say, I owe you guys some posts. I'm getting right on that. They may be slow at first, but I hope to keep things steady despite starting a new job! Sooooo.... without further blabber, I've got a couple nail polishes I know you'll enjoy!

Nfu-Oh is a brand that started popping up on MakeupAlley.com some time ago. They were an obscure Korean brand of nail lacquer mainly used by nail artists. As far as nail polish, Nfu-Oh is known for their eye-popping flakies, or sheer polish in many shades with light-responsive "flakes" of thin opalescent glitter. Whew. Yeah. They're as awesome as they sound. I have had a few of these babies hiding in my nail polish stash, and just re-discovered them. (I'm getting back into nail polish, girls, so there will be a lot more nail polish-ey goodies to come). Keep in mind that while these are gorgeous with a few coats on their own, they are truly amazing layered over a multitude of polishes.


Click to see a couple manicures I've done with them recently:

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