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Nail Art for the Masses!

Earth-Tone Abstract Nail Art with CND Shellac

By beautopia · September 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Last week I had the outrageous honor of giving a first-time manicure to a friend and co-worker of mine, Theresa. Since she's a hair stylist, we definitely wanted to use Shellac so it lasted more than a few hours on her. I used Cityscape (light dove grey) and Silver Chrome to colorblock the nails randomly, then after curing, I added Rubble (stone taupe) in places and before curing, I engraved and dotted a little to make the above design. I finished it up with a nice coat of Shellac top coat and this is the end result. Very cool for the beginning of Autumn. 

Sand Storm Nail Art

By beautopia · April 5, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I recently found Nails Inc Fouberts Place on clearance at Sephora, and was really excited to use it, but I just found myself not in the mood to wear anything too dark or drab no matter how pretty the color. So I decided to make it part of a design. I paired it with a much lighter polish in the same color family and a gold to add a little bling. Fouberts Place is a gorgeous olivey taupe and it's very pigmented, almost a one coater by the way.

Products used:

  • OPI Skull & Glossbones
  • Nails Inc Fouberts Place
  • Orly Luxe
  • Seche Vite Topcoat
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Deborah Lippmann - Waking Up In Vegas

By beautopia · November 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas - $15.80 at apothica.com

The Greige trend barrels on and Deborah Lippmann's version is super creamy and highly pigmented. Waking Up In Vegas is nearly a one-coater and is the perfect blend of beige and grey making it a no-brainer offbeat neutral nail color that will be perfect through the Fall and into Winter. I'm really into these dusky types of cremes and I was really happy with what a real winner this was. The application and tinge of warmth really make it luxurious and lovely to look at. Lippmann polishes are a bit on the pricey side, and while you don't always get what you pay for in any given brand, in this case I think it's a pretty good buy if you're into this sort of shade.

Below I've included some comparison pics between Waking Up In Vegas and the closest shade I had in my stash; Petites Color Fever in Vintage Grey as well as a couple wedding pics which I promised a while ago :D

Click for more photos...

Nubar Finest Silks Collection - Swatches

By beautopia · October 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Nubar Finest Silks Collection - $49.95 for the set, $7.95 a la carte at bynubar.com

The polishes in Nubar's latest collection, Finest Silks, are inspired by and named after several luxurious fabrics. All are cremes but Organza which is a light and airy white-silver that you can wear over the other shades if you wish, or alone. You'll notice that there are only 7 swatches here because I don't have Taffeta to review, so if you're looking for that I know there are other blogs with great swatches of it, so check them out first if you're interested in buying Taffeta. As far as the rest of the collection, there are some pretty nice shades in it and they're all very creamy and pigmented.

Click for more pics!

Chanel Paradoxal

By beautopia · October 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Chanel Paradoxal - $23 at Chanel counters and at chanel.com

Recently I caved and bought Paradoxal. I had planned to pass even though it did appeal to me because I have been pickier and pickier lately about which Chanel (or other high-end) polishes I buy. The itch for this never quite went away, though, and at the counter this past weekend I snatched it up. To be honest I went to a counter a couple weeks ago and looked at it and passed, but I couldn't come up with a reason to say no this weekend. I'm really glad I decided to buy it after all. The shade is so amazing and the application is great.

The formula is a tiny bit thicker than most of the other Chanel polishes I have, but it applies just as well. It's two-coat perfection. The color is a dark taupe with a hint of purple to it. In the sunlight there's a lovely purple/magenta sheen but it's subtle. In the bottle it looks lighter than it does on the nail and in the bottle the shimmer is much more evident but I like it on the nails better, luckily. The photos pretty much speak for themselves on this one so take a look.

Just as a quick update, as you might have read last week, I got married on Sunday (hence the little peek at my wedding band in the first picture, I couldn't resist). I have tons of pics to share soon, so as soon as the photographer has finished them I'll share them here. The wedding itself was amazing, we had a great time. The photos I've seen so far are awesome. The photographer did an amazing job. We also had a friend play guitar at the wedding and he played "Wonderwall" by Oasis while I walked down the aisle so that was incredibly special for me. For those of you who've asked, I wore a French manicure for the wedding with Seche Porcelain and Rose, and on my toes I did CND Anchor Blue and it turned out awesome.

Click for more pics...

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Barielle Style in Argyle Collection for Fall 2010

By beautopia · September 1, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Barielle Style in Argyle - $8 each at Barielle.com

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I know it's a lot of people's favorite season, but the first sniff of that crisp air and my sense of well-being and mood shoot through the roof. I like to take joyrides with the windows down a lot in the Fall, to look at the rolling hills bursting with the colors of changing leaves, feel the bite of the air; everything is right with the world when Autumn is on the way. One of my favorite things about Fall is the clothes. I love warm colors, cozy fabrics, and the excuse to wear dark lipstick! This sweater-themed collection from Barielle pretty much screams Fall and I'm really excited about it. There are a couple shades that might leave you scratching your head, but that's sort of the beauty of it. If you'd like to see swatches and read my review of them, keep reading!

Click to see more Barielle Style in Argyle

P2 Nail Polish in Rich & Royal

By beautopia · August 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

P2 Rich & Royal - www.p2.com

Here's another from German brand p2. Again, I really don't know a whole lot about this brand, like where to get it or it's price, but I digress... This is another polish from my swap with Michelle of The Lacquer Files. I'm really liking these P2 polishes and Rich & Royal is one of my favorites. I love taupe a lot, but I'm quickly reaching saturation point with them. I'll have to do one gigantic taupe comparison soon. It will take lots of photos, I can tell you that much. It's so sad. Anyway, this is a very smooth texture, very gel-like, and it applies well and is streak-free and full-coverage in two coats. The finish is super glossy, too!

Click for more photos...

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Confetti Nail Polish in Moonstruck - An Inexpensive Drugstore Taupe

By beautopia · July 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Confetti Nail Polish in Moonstruck - $1.99 at CVS

The new polish brand at CVS that I saw a few weeks ago didn't have a lot of unique or crazy options, but this taupe stood out. Big shocker. I was pretty pleased with this purchase since the price is so low, it applied well, and the color is so pretty. Two coats was sufficient, and while the color is very similar to a lot of other taupe polishes out there, it's the cheapest I've found of any quality. The creme finish is quite glossy, as well, though I would definitely recommend a top coat. I'd love to try more Confetti polishes, but the colors really didn't excite me.

Catrice Nail Lacquer in Clay-ton My Hero!

By beautopia · July 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Catrice Clay-ton My Hero! - www.catrice.eu

Here's another of the lovely Catrice polishes from my swap with Michelle; Clay-ton My Hero!, which is a warm light putty taupe with golden shimmer. This was a two-coater as well, like the other ones I've tried from this line, and it was completely streak-free and applied like butter. The thing I like about this shade is that it sort of acknowledges the taupe trend but then just goes along it's merry way with it's addition of flashy gold shimmer. It's such a gorgeous color, very different and trendy, but subdued and ladylike at the same time. I can see this appealing to so many sorts of people.

Click for more photos...

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Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer in Twilight

By beautopia · July 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer in Twilight - $7.50 at Ulta.com

I do believe that the Professional line of nail polishes from Ulta are somewhat new, and while there are a surprisingly large number of shade selections, very few really jumped out at me. Twilight is an interesting melange of iron grey, charcoal and bronze. The overall effect is a cool dark brown, and I find it quite pretty. It's a bit sheer, but three thin coats covers completely. The brush is super nice, a bit wide but not as weide as the OPI ProWide, and one smooth swipe covers my pinkie nail just about completely. The ProWide dwarfs my pinkie nail and it annoys the devil out of me. The bottle cap is a little gnarly, being so wide and bulky, and in the shape of a square no less. Either way, it's quite a pretty color, but the sheerness is a concern. I'd consider the price worth it for the unique color, but I can't think I'd be spending $7.50 on too many polishes from this line. Sometimes they can be found on sale for around $5, so perhaps that could change.

Click for another photo...

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