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Nail Art for the Masses!

Zoya Ornate Collection

By beautopia · October 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The Zoya entry into the Winter 2012 arena is basically amazing. I'm pretty much limiting myself to purchasing only polishes that cannot be passed up, since I've been using Shellac so much and all my clients are pretty much doing Shellac at this point. I need to purge at least 50% of my enormous stash as it is, so I really don't need non-essential polishes at this point. Ornate, or at least most of it, qualifies as essential for me. I offer several season-specific shades of China Glaze, OPI and Zoya at the salon, and by far the most used is Zoya which honestly surprised me. I love Zoya and everything, but I assumed people would go for the more recognizable brands, and since Zoya is for the most part only available online and in some salons it's pretty crazy. 

Anyway, I passed up all but one of the new OPI Skyfall polishes, and considering I'm a huge 007 fan, OPI Holiday collection fan, and Adele fan (I may go back and get Skyfall since she sings the theme song), that's a huge deal. I also don't feel as psyched about the promos I've seen for China Glaze's holiday offering, so Zoya was the only must-buy holiday collection for me. Weird. 

On to the swatches and reviews!!!

Winter Wonderland Nail Art

By beautopia · December 23, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I recently picked up Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Glass Slipper and wanted to do a snowy blue winter scene and decided on snowmen, snowflakes and candycanes! I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue for the background, then I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Something Blue to do the dusting of snow at the bottom of the scene. I faded Glass Slipper down the nail to look like falling snow, and then with assorted brushes and tools used a white polish to make the snowman body, candy cane and snowflakes. I used some Migi Nail Art Pens to do the details on the snowmen and candy canes. I've had this on for a few days since I took this photo and it's starting to chip a bit, so I think I'll take this opportunity to do a red and green design for Christmas Day!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!! Thanks for looking :D

Click for more photos!

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection Swatches

By beautopia · November 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The China Glaze Eye Candy collection for Winter '11 is a group of gorgeous and interesting "3D" glitters. The 3D refers to how the glitters vary in size and type making the surface of the polish look like it's several layers of glitter, one on top of the next. Some use varying sizes of similarly colored glitter and others use glitter of different finishes, effects and colors to accomplish the complex look of these polishes. Each polish individually can look very different depending on the light source and strength you view the polish in, so really they're very interesting to wear.

Click to read on and see the swatches!

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