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Nail Art for the Masses!

Zoya Gilty Pleasures Gift Box

By beautopia · November 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Gilty Pleasures Box Set - $45 at Zoya.com

The much-talked-about Zoya Gilty Pleasures Box Set and, in a new development, open stock Gilty real 18k Gold topcoat is once again available at Zoya.com after the original run of pre-sales sold out. I had originally planned to wait and see what the OPI Skyfall gold topcoat was like before making my choice and then not only did I hear that the OPI was going to be very hard to get, I also was hearing that others who had purchased both the Zoya and OPI ones favored Zoya Gilty in the end. Once I decided on Gilty, I then realized it was sold out. I was kicking myself until I saw Zoya announce they were re-releasing another run of it. And as I said you can also get Gilty in open stock now. The set comes in a really nice sturdy black box with a molded faux-velvet inner part to hold the polishes securely and since it's a pretty precious item, I like to keep mine inside. 

Personally, I feel the box set is a better deal because for $10 more you get Gilty as well as bottles of Raven (Chanel Black Satin dupe) and Purity which is a wonderful opaqe white polish. If you'd like to see Gilty over Raven and Purity, you can see them here on my Instagram Profile! Whether you opt for Gilty alone or with Raven and Purity in the pretty display box, you'll get FREE SHIPPING included with your order! 

</p> <p>Zoya Gilty over Zoya Song 
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Zoya Ornate Collection

By beautopia · October 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The Zoya entry into the Winter 2012 arena is basically amazing. I'm pretty much limiting myself to purchasing only polishes that cannot be passed up, since I've been using Shellac so much and all my clients are pretty much doing Shellac at this point. I need to purge at least 50% of my enormous stash as it is, so I really don't need non-essential polishes at this point. Ornate, or at least most of it, qualifies as essential for me. I offer several season-specific shades of China Glaze, OPI and Zoya at the salon, and by far the most used is Zoya which honestly surprised me. I love Zoya and everything, but I assumed people would go for the more recognizable brands, and since Zoya is for the most part only available online and in some salons it's pretty crazy. 

Anyway, I passed up all but one of the new OPI Skyfall polishes, and considering I'm a huge 007 fan, OPI Holiday collection fan, and Adele fan (I may go back and get Skyfall since she sings the theme song), that's a huge deal. I also don't feel as psyched about the promos I've seen for China Glaze's holiday offering, so Zoya was the only must-buy holiday collection for me. Weird. 

On to the swatches and reviews!!!

Pick Up The Party Line! Nail Art

By beautopia · August 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

It's been a few weeks since I did much nail art on myself, I've just been so pre-occupied. But I decided to use some of the Zoya Beach colors I got during the recent sale, and since Summer is nearing it's close, I wanted something very summery and fun, but not terribly time consuming. So, here's Pick Up The Party Line, a random mishmash of lines; straight, wavy, spattery, and crisscrossy. Those last two are officially words now ;P A quick note on the nail shape, they finally got long enough to start shaping back into almonds. I had a few breaks over the last couple months and had chopped them down and let them re-grow in squares and I just now got them into this vaguely almond shape. Can't wait till they get a bit longer again!

Products used:

  • OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • It's So Easy striper in blue
  • Zoya Shelby, Arizona, Tracie and Lara
  • Seche Vite


Click for another photo...

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Zoya Carly

By beautopia · July 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Carly - $8 - zoya.com

Just a reminder: there is still a sale at Zoya for BOGOFREE Beach & Surf polishes with the code SUMMER7 and will run through tomorrow as well. It's a great time to get some fun, bright polishes to enjoy the last month or so of summer with. 

Carly is one of the Surf polishes, so it's part of the BOGOFREE going on right now. It's berry-magenta with an intense color payoff and a very dense foil finish. It sort of reminds me of China Glaze Steppin Out, which has been discontinued for a looooong time. Wow, that photo is so old, it really takes me back, lol. Carly is a great polish, and if you're taking advantage of the BOGOFREE, I highly recommend adding it to your cart, along with Zuza which also very excellent. 

If you're interested in seeing some other Zoyas (that aren't part of the BOGOFREE) to add to your order, check out some of my Zoya swatches! 

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Zoya Zuza

By beautopia · July 27, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Zuza - $8 - zoya.com - 

Before I begin, I just want to make you guys aware that Zoya will be having a BOGOFREE on Beach & Surf polishes this weekend, using the code SUMMER7. Gianna posted this info over at NouveauCheap (one of my favorite blogs!) so check that out. 

If you want to add any other polishes to justify the shipping, check out all my Zoya swatches! 

Zuza is from this summer's Surf collection by Zoya. It's a aqua with a weird blend of muted and punchy. With a creamy base and zingy silver and aqua microparticles, it's got a look that's almost textured even when you add a glossy topcoat. It's such a fun color that will be great all the way through the rest of the Summer and into the Fall since it's sort of a washed down version of the Ultramarine Green that Pantone Fashion Color Report says will be big. Incidentally, if you're looking for one, China Glaze Exotic Encounters is the epitome of Ultramarine Green polishes, going by Pantone's swatch. I'll be posting Exotic Encounters next week but google it, there are tons of pics. 

Tomorrow I'll have up Carly, which is also from Surf. I just ordered a few more polishes myself tonight: Kimber, Myrta, Shelby, Wednesday, Lara and Arizona and I'm so excited, though I just got my last Zoya order last week, haha. 

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The Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 1

By beautopia · February 13, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

In honor of the soon-to-be-released movie version of The Hunger Games, I decided I want to do a nail art series based on the books. The first book actually makes a reference to nail art, when Katniss' prep team paints flame designs on her nails, and while re-reading the books this latest time in anticipation of the film I decided it would be crazy not to do a series.

The first installment is based on District 1, the district that produces luxury items for The Capitol

Products used:

  • China Glaze Millenium
  • MAC Military
  • Wet n WIld Black Creme
  • Zoya Roxy
  • CND Copper Chrome
  • Essie Trophy Wife
  • OPI Save Me
  • gold studs
  • plastic jewels

Angular Half-Moons and Studs Nail Art with Zoya Codie

By beautopia · August 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I'm too impatient for Fall so I'm cheating and doing a Autumn-inspired design before August is out. I originally was going to do this look with China Glaze Brownstone from the Metro collection because it's perfect for this, but since I have already shown you Brownstone, and I have a ton of Zoya from last week I haven't posted swatches of, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use Zoya Codie.

Codie is a deep chocolate brown creme with hints of murky, mossy green in certain lights. You may recall that Zoya Angelina is very similar, but it's quite a bit cooler than Codie and has a bit more of a jelly texture. Codie's application is a little strange; it's very streaky on the first coat but the second coat grabs on to the first and the second coat just glides on and fills in everywhere and looks perfect. It's super pigmented, so two coats is definitely enough for full coverage even when held up to a bright light. I'll have to put a comparison up later in the week between Codie and Angelina.

Aaaaanyway, this design is crazy simple; you just start by painting two diagonal lines into the shape of a V from the bottom corners of your nail, then fill the rest of it out with your polish, then apply some studs right at the point of the V then top it with your favorite topcoat. I used gold pyramid studs I got last year from dollarnailart.com, and my favorite topcoat; Seche Vite. The coolest thing about this design is that it will work with any nail shape; square like mine, or rounded or even (especially!!!) the trendy pointy shape that's so big right now.

Vive la Autumn!

Oh and PS all my stuff is in order for me to start my nail tech course on Tuesday. I am dying of excitement!

Click for more photos!

Zoya Yara

By beautopia · August 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Yara - from the Smoke & Mirrors collection - $8 at zoya.com

Here's another Zoya beauty I got in my latest order. I often forget what beautiful polishes Zoya can make. I go a few months without paying much attention to anything but China Glaze and Color Club, sometimes Essie and OPI, but I have to remind myself to check out what's going on at Zoya. I have been missing out because so many gorgeous shades have been released since my last order. Yara is from one of the most recent collections and it's amazing. It's a fatigues green creme with some golden shards of large shimmer floating on the surface. It applies perfectly in two coats and the finish is just unbelievable. I love it!

Click for another photo!

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Zoya Cynthia

By beautopia · August 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Zoya Cynthia - $8 at zoya.com

You're going to be seeing a few Zoya posts from me this week because of that order I did last week, so just be warned. Today is Zoya Cynthia, which is a very deep peacock color. It appears as a creme in most lights but there is a slight shimmer when you look at it in the sun. This one took three thin coats for opacity but it looks beautiful once you're done.

Click for more pics!

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Zoya Valerie and Jem

By beautopia · August 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Valerie (left) and Jem (right) - $8 each at zoya.com

I recently placed a Zoya order and because I love vampy berry shades, I ordered both Valerie and Jem. I didn't think to look up to see how close these two polishes are to one another, so I ended up with two very similar polishes. This isn't such a bad thing, because they are a beautiful shade of purple shot with berry shimmer, but I do prefer one to the other. Read on to see which one, and why.

Click for more pics!

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